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General Information
Only by Invitation
Most people come to see us upon the invitation of one of our present patients. We rarely accept new patients without an invitation, and then only if it is an interesting or unique set of circumstances.
We know from experience that not everyone wants what we have to offer.
Some people like the twist, crack, and roll style of Chiropractic, where there is little friendliness, discussion, nor concern for the underlying cause of one’s health issues. Some people only want crisis care, without consideration of the options to achieving true wellness.
We would like to become friends with you so that we both can enjoy our times together more. I know it sounds weird that we think people may actually enjoy coming to see us for their health challenges, but many people do.
We all spend a lot of our lives at our office. We find it far more pleasurable to spend the time with people that we have become friendly with, and trust.
We aim for your life and our lives to be happier because of your relationship with us.
What we want for you
Our aim is for you to enjoy coming to see us.
We know the only way we can be truly happy at work is if the people we meet are also happy. We all want to live long and happily in our search on our personal health and wellness journey. Therefore we have decided to do things differently—to concentrate on helping you to be happy!
We want you to be excited about how healthy you feel when your body operates as it was designed—without interference.
If you are happy because of your experience with us, you will invite your family and friends to see us. We will continue to grow and prosper, and we can feel proud that we have helped you to achieve what you want.
Making the most of your time
Your time is very important to you, and that makes it important to us.
We usually run on time, and we will apologize if we keep you waiting. You will find that we can do things in fewer visits than is usual. We like to work efficiently and not have you coming back more than necessary.
The 6 steps to wellness
We find that all health is the result of the body’s communications systems. This involves the human body-field, the nervous system, the acupuncture meridian system, and the hormonal system. When there is an interference that causes faulty communication in one of these systems, then there is a breakdown in health, resulting in a decrease of wellness. 
The body has a constant dialogue with itself, with all of its parts, and with its environment. The purpose of the doctor is to remove some of the noise from the faulty communication, so that normal communication for this dialogue can be re-established, resulting in improved health.
We are more disconnected than we were 50 years ago, or even 25 years ago, because of pollution: chemical, electromagnetic, emotional stress, and drugs.
Traditional acupuncture speaks of blockages in the flow of life’s energies. Homeopathy and Naturopathy look at interferences and distortions in the cells, their functions, and the relationships among the organs.
Traditionally, Chiropractic has focused on the Subluxation: a condition in which a vertebra has lost its proper juxtaposition with an adjacent vertebra in such a way as to alter nerve function. 
The Subluxation is perceived to work like a circuit breaker—it protects the nervous system from damage when overloaded by the 3 T’s: trauma, toxin, thoughts (emotions). 
The brain and body go unconscious when they are overloaded in order to avoid damage, and to concentrate on the body’s most vital functions. The nervous system also goes “unconscious”, or subluxated, to protect itself when overloaded. These circuits need to be reset or adjusted, in order to regain full consciousness.

 I propose that we expand this idea of Subluxation to all of the body’s communication systems and the interference with them.

But first, we need to define what a Subluxation is.
Sub = less than optimal, below normal
Lux = light
Ation = a condition or state of being
Subluxation = a state of decreased enlightenment due to inference with the body’s electro-magnetic communication network, thereby decreasing one’s well-being.
There are 6 interferences or causes of the Subluxation. Many of these are caused by one’s lifestyle, toxic exposures, nutritional inadequacies, traumas, and stresses. We cannot continue to violate every natural law of health, and expect to stay well. Our bodies will always do the best they can in any given situation. But to regain health, we need to change the situation. Addressing these interferences will then allow our bodies to return to wellness.
1)      Structural Trauma—reestablishing structural integrity of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system is the Foundation of Wellness.
2)      Electromagnetic Pollution—rebalancing homeostasis so that the electro-magnetic
communication network of the body can perform effectively.
3)     Nutritional Inadequacies or Deficiencies—reset the adrenals to handle the stressors in life, replenish nutrition for the organs that are weak, enhance immune function, replace digestive enzymes and/or hydrochloric acid to aid digestion and absorption, restore proper bowel flora to optimize colon function.
4)     Allergies or Sensitivity Triggers—reprogram the body to cope with environmental stressors and sensitivities.
5)     Emotional Stressors—reevaluate emotional patterns and remove limiting belief systems.
6)     Toxic Accumulations or Exposures—remove heavy metals or other toxins from the body.
The difficulty in getting corrections to maintain is that most often only 1 of the interferences is taken care of, while the other 5 are often only occasionally addressed by accident.

By removing all 6 of these interferences, proper communication through the body’s systems can be reestablished, resulting in increased wellness.

So, where there is 100% function, there is wellness. When the function decreases to 80 or 90%, there are no outward symptoms, just a condition of dis-ease: not feeling quite right or “just feeling old”. This leads to continued breakdown. When function is below 50%, then disease, pain, and other symptoms appear.

Once the treatment gives relief of the symptoms, the person has moved back up to the breakdown stage, not back to wellness. One must be careful to not equate having no symptoms with wellness. Until full communication and function are restored, full wellness has not returned.

Believing that the absence of symptoms is wellness is exactly why “health” care is often a series of crises. Because the underlying problem is never fully corrected, it continues to return. When the symptoms are suppressed by powerful drugs, the problem surfaces in other areas of the body.

 Wellness care therefore is a determined, directed effort to remove the blockages and interferences to one’s well-being, thereby allowing true healing to take place.

Of course, one of the biggest breakdowns to communication is right here, communication through words. 

What information we attempt to convey is limited by language, our values, perceptions, and past experiences. This leads to misunderstandings. On a global scale, this is what leads to hatred, crime, murders, and war—all from misunderstandings.
We will always attempt to communicate as best as possible, based on love. We ask that you attempt to communicate with us as best as possible also. Please let us know what is happening with you and your health, and ask for clarification if something is not understood clearly. “It is better to ask a dumb question than to try to fix a stupid mistake.”
Preventive Wellness
It is much better to prevent problems than to try to cure them later, I think you will agree.
We will be happy to show you how to prevent degeneration by helping you learn to care for your body as well as you can with diet, exercise, and life-style changes.
Food and Drinks

You’ll find we make quite a thing out of the drinks that we offer you. You have a choice of six different coffee flavors, including decaffeinated. We also offer five flavors of tea, all served in Royal Doulton China.

We are also happy to serve you herbal tea, juice, or mineral water.

We have the latest, state of the art Keurig coffee and tea maker, which can deliver a fresh cup in 30 seconds.

To go along with your beverage, we also offer our renowned scones.  They are actually much fluffier and tastier than traditional scones, and come in assorted fruit flavors.

But, why do we go to all this trouble with food and drink? Well, there are a number of reasons really:
·        We like to have nice food and drink for ourselves, and we enjoy sharing it with you.
·        It’s sometimes difficult for you to judge how well we do our wellness care. If we do the food and drinks really well and with a lot of care, you can guess that we are going to take a lot of care with your health too.
·        It helps us to communicate together if we share food or drink.
·        The smell of the coffee and fresh bakery is soothing and refreshing.
·        It costs so little. Compared to the cost of the equipment we use, food and drink are a very inexpensive way to show you that we care.
How do our fees compare?
For many things our fees may be slightly higher than those at an average Chiropractic office.
We do not, however, just give you average Chiropractic service!
The work that we do is the intersection of Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, and Naturopathy. We bring the sciences of these health care disciplines into the science of wellness through the communication channels in the body.
We work to re-establish the proper communication between the cells, between the various organs in the body, between the brain and the organs, and within the Human Body-Field.

For long term solutions to health problems, we find that it is much less expensive to achieve wellness, than to suffer through crisis care involving drugs and surgery.

You can pay by MasterCard®, Visa®, check, or cash.
You will normally pay when your services are rendered, and we can tell you the amount in advance.
Health Insurance
The amount that your health insurance may reimburse you may vary from 0% to 100%, depending on what care you have, what types of care they may reimburse for, how long you have had your policy, and other more obscure circumstances.
In spite of our best efforts, we find it impossible to be sure how much of your contribution will be returned to you.
So, if we make any prediction at all concerning reimbursement (and we rarely do) it will at best be an intelligent guess.
We expect that you will settle your account with us as the services are rendered. We will assist you with filling out the insurance claim paperwork so that your insurance company can reimburse you for what they may cover.   
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